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Comments sent to YD Centres

"A very grateful family thanks to all those that helped with our daughter becoming a member of the licensed driver. I understand all the hurdles that the entire staff jumped through to get our very happy daughter licensed. It is nice to see that your reputation is still stellar, you are amazing. My husband took your course 35 years ago and our daughter went on his recommendation.

We have friends whose children attended other driving courses and have been unsuccessful to obtain their license on the first attempt. Again thank you from us all." Kathy W., Guelph

"Both of my children have completed the Young Drivers course and we wish to commend Blake who was their instructor.  He was a wonderful instructor who taught them a great deal and was extremely patient, calm and encouraging.  We are very please with the results.  He is a great guy and a wonderful teacher."  Kerry W., Owen Sound

"During the in-vehicle lessons my instructor always and repeatedly mentioned to check mirrors, blind spots, etc.  Because of this I do remember to do so at all times.  I am grateful that I had a very good instructor.  Thank you." Diana G., Brampton

"Very glad I took this course.  Made me comfortable when behind the wheel." Kylle B., Chatham

"I'm thankful that there are people like you that are willing to tech new drivers how to drive safely.  God Bless You!"  Irene W., Mount Forest

"Thank you - your program has changed my life.  I will recommend you to all my friends and family."  Marcia P., Brantford

"Very effective program.  I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot from it.  Teachers and instructors were very effective."  Peter G., Chatham

"My instructor Bill is awesome!"  Brittany B., Georgetown

"My in-car instructor was amazing.  She made me feel very comfortable.  Thanks!"  Carlin H., Alliston

"My son just graduated from Young Drivers.  My daughter also took Young Drivers 14 years ago.  We were very pleased and are pleased once again."  Pascal L., Calgary

"I was nervous but learned a lot.  Very happy with the program.  Karen was excellent and I learned a lot." Erica M., Stouffville

"My in-car instructor was great.  Joel was always on time, good at explaining things and let me drive without too much criticism which helped my confidence."  Kevin B., Markham

"Robert and Linda were excellent teachers!  They made learning so much easier and I felt more relaxed.  Both instructors really knew everything about driving.  I had a wonderful experience!  Highly recommended!"  Madelyn B., Toronto

"Great program.  Talking to people who have done other companies programs I'm glad I did Young Drivers!"  Ross A., Ottawa

"My in-class teacher was very fun.  He made jokes while teaching, making it more fun.  Loved my in-car instructor.  She was very nice and I learnt a lot from her."  Katie K., Brantford

"My instructors were very easy-going and entertaining, creating a comfortable learning environment.  Taught well."  Nicole D., Burlington

"Had a great time!  Lots of fun!"  Tarin C., Abbotsford

"I found my experience to be interesting and a lot of fun.  Dennis was a pleasure to be with during my course."  Willie G., Sydney

"Very pleased with Young Drivers and confident to drive!  Thank you!"  Lindsay V., Oakville

"My instructor was awesome.  Very good classroom and road teacher.  He made me feel more confident."  Meghan B., Kitchener

I feel confident and safe because of Young Drivers.  Thanks to Young Drivers, specially my in-car instructor George.  I like the way he handled the new driver like me - no experience, no knowledge about cars.  I had tried different car instructors and YD was the BEST!  Thank you so much!"  Rose A., Aurora

"Eric was an amazing teacher.  He was positive, very knowledgeable and he made me feel relaxed, even though I was nervous to start."  Rhonda D., Oshawa

"I was very happy with the classroom and in-car instruction that I received in the program.  I would not hesitate to recommend YD to friends and family.  Many thinks expecially to Mike for teaching me defensive driving skill and enabling me to - think like a driver."  Agata F., Toronto

"I was a horrible driver before I went to YD and now I am better!  I got my G2!  Before YD, I didn't have a chance!" Jill K, Thunder Bay

"Joseph and Massoud were exceptional classroom and in-car teachers respectively!  Keep up the good work!"  Russell H., Ottawa

"Everything was very helpfu! Clean. Absolutely loved my instructor and had complete confidence in him.  A lot of people from my school also had him and everyone thinks he is awesome!!!" Katelyn G., Belleville

"I am confident saying to anyone that Young Drivers is simply the best and that all new drivers should choose Young Drivers for the most comprehansive driver training available. Both of my instructors were excellent.  Thank you!" Mark L., Sault Ste Marie

"Everyone that works at Young Drivers were great.  They were super nice and friendly."  Chasity A., Chatham

"When our 16 year old daughter expressed her intentions to obtain her drivers license, it was without question that we would enroll in the Young Drivers training program. To send a new driver on the road without the skills acquired and developed in this course was not an option; nor should it be for any parent who is facing the inevitable time where their child is going to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. The course provided her with not only the skills and education, but with the right mindset to operate a vehicle. She has now completed her course and passed her final drivers exam and continues to use all that she has learned from the program. Not only is the course itself an imperative for any new driver, but the instruction is conducted to maximize the benefit for each individual student. In fact, our daughter expressed to us that she wished all of her teachers could be as effective.  Thank you for the peace of mind. Sincerely,"  K Loveridge

"My in-car driver was awesome, and provided a fun, safe environment for me to learn how to drive in. Also the girls at the front desk of the YD office were amazingly friendly and very helpful. I loved their attitudes." S. Ott

"The whole program was very well organized. Jeremie and Jane were amazing instructors. Overall, it was a great experience." C. Holton

"Thanks Tom and Young Drivers of Canada for all your help. You have made me confident 100x over in my driving skills. I would recommend this program to all beginners." K. Seguin

"Dennis was a great instructor. I feel so much more confident behind the wheel because of him and the YD Approach to Driving. Classroom and in-car sessions were very comfortable and I have learned a lot. A. O'Connor

"My instructors were very good, particularly my in-car instructor Bill. I would like to thank Young Drivers and Bill for a great driving experience. Thanks!" J. Bharti

"I really enjoyed taking Young Drivers. It was a great learning experience. Everyone I met taking YD was extremely nice and helpful, even the receptionist who would help me change my classes if I was busy. She was so nice! Thank you so much for a wonderful course; now I love driving!" N. Depever

"Clark (my classroom instructor) was an awesome teacher!! All Young Drivers instructors should be exactly like him. He had a fabulous attitude and a great sense of humor. He made learning and driving a great experience." M. Orso

"Chris my instructor was a great teacher. He makes the students feel equal while remaining professional." S. Brown

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