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Driver's education too expensive? Think again.

To the Editor,

About three weeks ago my daughter was driving me east on Hwy 17 to her baseball game at Barclay Hall. As we were approaching the sign for the turn off I advised her that there was a car close behind us and that she should put her left signal on well in advance. As she slowed down in preparation to turn I was encouraging her to cross the highway when she looked in her mirror and noticed a truck coming full speed beside us passing us on the left. My daughter had only been driving three weeks and had completed three of the in-class Driver Education and two in-car driving lessons. I truly believe that these classes saved our lives or at the very least a very serious accident. I am not so sure if I had been driving that I would have thought to check my mirror as she did.

I recall before we signed my daughter up for this course my husband and I grumbling about how expensive it was. However, we both felt that the money was worth it when you are putting your child behind the wheel of a vehicle. You can't put a price tag on their lives or their passengers.

I have been driving for over 20 years and have spent a lot of time taking my daughter out driving. We all get rusty with checking our mirrors and our blind spots and just in general form some bad driving habits. I just don't believe that we can teach our children the proper way to drive like the qualified instructors of "Young Drivers of Canada" can.

My daughter had talked to me about her in-car lessons and how she felt silly verbally calling out her ckeck points and thoughts as she was driving with the instructor. But we both can truly appreciate this way of teaching, as it is crucial to be alert and aware of everything around you at all times when you are out on the road behind the wheel.

I think "Young Drivers of Canada" is an awesome program and everyone out there that is thinking of getting their driver's licence should seriously consider this course.

Thank you Maria and Kathy of "Young Drivers of Canada", you ladies have a very important job and you do it well!

Cindy Bauer

Reproduced from the Dryden Observer, Dryden, ON

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