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Young Drivers of Canada Safe Driving Tips

Back to School Safety

The school year is a busy time for many Canadian families.  Access the Top 10 Back to School Tips every driver and student should be thinking about for the back to school season.

Eco Driving

Our Young Drivers of Canada Eco Driving mini-series will provide loads of driving tips to help you drive green, become fuel efficient and save money.   The following video will give you a taste of what you will learn in this mini-series.  Here are the Top 5 Green Driving Video Tips every driver should know....

Summer Road Safety & Vehicle Maintenance

Great advice on how to make your summer road travels safer.  Over a dozen summer road trips tips to help you reach your destination safely including tips like this one that talk about the safest following distance on the road on video....

Winter Road Safety & Vehicle Maintenance

Young Drivers of Canada offers plenty of winter driving tips  to prepare you for the road ahead this winter season.  Young Drivers also offers winter driving lessons to teach you the skills you need to know to drive in adverse winter road conditions. We hope by driving defensively, this would not happen to you but would you know what to do if your car got stuck in the snow? The video below will show drivers how to get yourself unstuck.  What do you really need to know about winter tires?  Does winter driving wardrobe matter behind the wheel for safe driving?  And are daytime running lights really enough for the winter season?

Winter driving is not just about your actions behind the wheel but also about what you pack in your trunk to keep you and your passengers safe.  What would you do if you got stuck in your vehicle for over 24 hours?  Does your vehicle's winter emergency kit really have what you need to survive?  This amazing 24 Hour Challenge video series will teach you what you REALLY need in your winter emergency kit, what you have at home that could work AND how to use the items....in only a couple of minutes per episode.


---> If you are looking for more road safety videos that cover topics from what to do if your brakes fail to tips to help you pass your road test, definitely check out the Young Drivers of Canada Channel.


---> We would love to continue the road safety conversation and invite you to connect with us here:


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