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For Licensed Drivers

With the Collisionfree! Approach, we diagnose driving habits that may produce collisions. Then we teach a new
way to see and respond to the road. Our programs are a unique blend of classroom training, video instruction,
and one-on-one, behind-the-wheel experience.

Everything we teach is based upon seeing the road, the hazards, the other driver, even the weather, in a new
collision avoidance mode. The in-vehicle portion of the Advanced Driver Improvement Program begins with
driving evaluations for each course member.

Driving habits that repeatedly put drivers in high-risk situations are identified, corrected and replaced with sound
Collisionfree!™ driving tactics. We teach freeway and highway driving, risk perception and much more. Then, we
teach the tactical driving maneuvers and techniques of vehicle control that help drivers to avoid collisions.

Our exclusive emergency maneuvers in-vehicle training includes: rear crash avoidance, gravel shoulder recovery,
threshold/A.B.S. braking, and head-on collision avoidance.

At the conclusion, we provide a final driving evaluation and the areas that still need improvement are noted.

All successful graduates receive a formal certificate of accomplishment mailed directly to their home. More
importantly, you will be more confident and better equipped to perform driving tasks.

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