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For Non-licensed Drivers

Young Drivers is proud to be the number one driver training program of choice for new drivers of all ages.

Here’s how we won them over:

  1. Our instructors are extremely qualified and fun to drive with, talk to, and learn from.
  2. Parents trust our 40-year history of defensive driving expertise.
  3. In-car driver training is one-on-one.
  4. We teach drivers more than just how to pass the road test; we teach them the skills they need to be confident behind the wheel.
  5. Our students get in the driver’s seat and practice emergency maneuvers the hands-on way.
  6. Collisionfree!TM driving habits save lives and help you stay out of collisions to keep your insurance premiums low.
  7. In addition to classroom learning and in-car practice, we also provide every student with CogniFit®, an online program designed to help "train your brain".
  8. No other driver training company teaches risk perception, emergency braking, collision avoidance, defensive driving, and escape route strategies better than Young Drivers.
  9. Every Young Drivers instructor is re-certified annually to ensure truly effective instruction.
  10. Co-drivers can learn how to support new drivers with co-driver training.


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