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Halloween Safety Tips


This is safer than a full mask.  It allows your child better visibility and does not restrict breathing.  If a mask is being used cut holes for their eyes and mouth and push the mask up on their head while walking.


It should be brightly colored, made of non-flammable material and be just below the knees in length.  Reflective stickers on the front and back of costumes should be used for better visibility.

Halloween Bag   

Place a small lit flashlight in the bottom of their Halloween bag so that your child’s movements are visible.  Remember to use fresh batteries.

Sampling Treats

This should be discouraged until your child arrives home.  Before your child leaves ensure that they have a light meal and supply them with some candies from home that can be eaten while trick or treating.  After returning home, help sort candies so you can determine which are safe to eat.


Children should travel in groups with at least one adult.  If they must go out without an adult know the route your child will take.  Children should walk on the sidewalk, down one side of the street (in the direction of on-coming traffic), cross only at intersections or crosswalks and walk up the other side (facing on-coming traffic).

Where to Go 

Go to well lit houses in your own neighborhood avoiding those with no lights on.  Accept treats at the front door only.  Never go inside a house.  Don’t go into apartment buildings alone.
At Home   

Make sure your home is safe for trick or treaters.  Turn your outside lights on.  And ensure that areas around your house are clear of obstacles that could cause children to trip or fall.  If you use candles in your pumpkins be sure they are put in an area where the children cannot reach.


If at all possible leave your car at home for the evening.  If you must go out be extra careful as children get excited and may forget safety rules.  Every year children are killed or injured needlessly by drivers backing out of their driveways and don't see them through the rear window.  This is why Young Drivers encourages you to always back into your driveway after looking to see it’s clear.

Young Drivers of Canada wishes you a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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