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"The head-on collision story I lived to tell." 

A true story, told in her own words by a Young Drivers Graduate.

1 – Truck pulls out to pass on two-lane highway.

2 – I see on-coming truck.

3 – I put my right-side wheels onto the shoulder, leaving my left-side wheels on pavement.

4 – I look well ahead and maintain steady speed for control.

* Head-on collision would have happened here.

5 – I check to see road is clear.

6 – Danger past, I gradually pull back onto pavement.


"Back in July when I was taking my Young Drivers training in-car, my YD instructor taught me head-on collision avoidance.

I thought no way am I ever going to use this in my whole entire life!

But two weeks later I was driving home with my parents from dinner.

We were on a two-lane highway, and suddenly an on-coming transport truck came right out in front of us.

He wanted to pass a car and he had nowhere to go.

He kept on coming head-on, and right at that moment I registered in my memory what my YD instructor had taught me about head-on collision avoidance.

Basically, I just did what he had said.

I put two wheels on the shoulder of the road, and kept two wheels on the pavement.

I let the truck squeeze by me.

I checked to see if it was safe. And I moved back onto the road.

Needless to say, my parents were extremely impressed that I was very calm and collected.

Thanks, YD. You saved our lives.


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