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What to Expect in the Classroom

At YD, we offer a very different kind of classroom experience.

Our newly improved, classroom training is now more interactive than ever. It includes lessons, discussions, exercises, and updated videos and graphics. Two-way communication is key – our students are active participants!

In-class instruction is built on the Young Drivers Collisionfree! Approach. It’s all about giving each student realistic and relevant strategies and tactics for safe driving. Here are a few things to expect in the classroom:

The Collisionfree!  Approach

  • Maintaining space; communicating effectively with other road users

Survival tactics

  • Highway driving; passing; emergency maneuvers; dangers of high-speed

Taking care of yourself and your vehicle

  • Reducing fuel consumption and wear; vehicle maintenance; insurance

Handling adverse conditions

  • Driving at night and in winter; causes of impairment

Emergency situations

  • Dealing with emergency vehicles; what to do at the scene of a crash

Risk perception

  • Improving seeing habits

Driving responsibly

  • Seat belts, air bags, and child restraints; licensing; driving test preparation


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