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"How I escaped the rear crash I could not have survived." 

A true story, told in her own words by a Young Drivers Graduate.

 1 – Truck changes lanes without signalling.

2 – Car ahead of me rear-ends truck.

3 – Seeing the tailgater behind me, I steer into the open lane.

4 – Tailgater rear-ends car/truck collision.

* My escape route.

"Driving on the highway a few months ago, I had a tailgater behind me.

I saw a transport truck suddenly move in front of the car ahead of me, without signalling.

The brakes slammed on, and I began to slam on my own, until I reflexively looked into the rear view mirror, and saw that I would get hit if I didn't get out of the lane very, very fast.

I took my foot off the brake and swerved into the outside lane, just as the car in front of me smashed into the truck.

Then I heard the car that had been behind me go crunching into the first car.

Although I was badly shaken, I realized that I had actually done the whole sequence before at Young Drivers, only now I wasn't dealing with pylons…the instructors were right about not having time to think!

I know that without YD training, I would just have left my foot on the brake, and not thought of steering around the problem.

From what I saw later, I would have made a pretty flat sandwich between the tailgater and the car/truck combination. There was no way I would have survived.

All in all, the cost of my Young Drivers lessons had just been more than compensated for that day!"

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