Rehabilitation Lessons - Young Drivers

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Check out our programs for Fleets.

Advanced Collision Avoidance Program

Driver Evaluation Program

Winter Driving Program

Custom Programs can be created. Please contact your local centre to discuss.

Driver Assessments with OT and Rehabilitation Lessons

Young Drivers Collisonfree provides rehabilitation lessons and works with occupational therapists from coast to coast

Driver Assessment In-vehicle

Under our Collisionfree! Brand of programs we work with Occupational Therapists and Clinics to assist with in-vehicle driver assessments. We provide the vehicle and the instructor to do the driving evaluation portion and keep everyone safe while the OT assesses other aspects related to driving. Our instructors have been trained specifically for this type of lesson.

Special Equipment

We have some instructional vehicles equipped with assistive devices such as hand controls, left foot gas pedal, cross-over signals and spinner knobs. We can provide assessments using these devices with OTs, help customers get ready for assessments and teach you how to use these devices. Ask us how we can help.

Maintain Your Independence for Many Years to Come

YD has a number of programs designed for the mature driver that will fit your needs. Young Drivers of Canada is not just for the "young" or "new" driver.

Our Collisionfree! Brand of programs will confirm your experience. Our programs will update you on new technologies, keep you driving safely, teach you adaptive strategies and show you what you are capable of.

YD offers Driver Assessment lessons and Driver Refresher lessons in-car to help you continue to drive safely. Don't worry, we are not out to take your driver's licence away. We want to help keep you safe and on the road.

CogniFit - Assessment and Training

CogniFit provides an online assessment of the 12 driving related cognitive skills and ranks them. The best part is that based on the assessment it provides a personalized training program to help you improve on the weaker cognifive skills and maintain those that ranked highest. It provides continuous feedback on your progress and at the end you get a second assessment. In the left hand side menu click on CogniFit for more information.

Info For Family Physicians


CALL 905.529.5501 for more information

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