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Save Money

According to information provided by Aviva Canada Inc in an article in the Globe & Mail you may save money on insurance by being a Young Drives of Canada Graduate. Click on the link to read the full Globe & Mail article. READ NOW!

The following is taken from the Globe & Mail article.

4) TAKE DRIVER'S TRAINING: Simply put, driver’s training gives you a substantial rate decrease for three years.

Example: male age 21, clean driving record, G2 licensed

                        No Driver Training    Driver Training    Savings 
Occasional      $2,348                          $1,710                    $638 
Principal           $8,719                          $7,693                    $1,026 

Further, Aviva’s data showed that new drivers who received certified driver education are involved in 26 per cent fewer accidents in the three years following training.

The cost of a driver’s ed course should pay for itself in the discounts given back to you by your insurance company.

Source: It's Covered, Sex, age and auto insurance, Lee Romanov | Columnist
Globe and Mail, Published Friday, Sep. 24, 2010 3:56PM EDT

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