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Saving Fuel Earth Day


The high price at the gas pumps is on the mind of Canadian drivers these days.  With summer around the corner, Canadians will be hitting the road in larger numbers so it’s a great time to look at what simple things we can do to keep safe and be more economical. 

Young Drivers of Canada has created a 7 part EcoDriving Video Mini-series.  This series launched in support of Earth Day and gives short and easy tips Canadians can put to good use behind the wheel. 

“Earth Day helps to remind drivers that green driving is something we can do all year round. It is important we use more sense than cents as drivers.” says President of Young Drivers Peter Christianson. 

The YD EcoDriving Video Mini-series gives cost saving tips on everything from tire pressure tricks to top 5 green driving tips to how to best plan your route.  There are also downloadable Fuel Economy Tips that highlight the best overall tips from the series and more to help prepare Canadians for the road ahead. 

To view all videos and tips check out our EcoDriving Video Mini-Series

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