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Young Drivers of Canada: Who We Are. What We Do. Why Driving Lessons Matters.


Young Drivers of Canada President Peter Christianson: A tragic moment over 65 years ago changed the course of driver training in Canada forever.  Peter's inspiring story and leaderhip that drives Young Drivers forward. 



See how a YD Grad - Spots the problem - Adjusts speed - Heads into the escape route


Does Young Drivers Cost More? Why?


How to avoid a Head On Collision


YD Across the Nation - Check out a day in the life of a Young Drivers Driving Instructor below:


Driving tips Videos: Young Drivers has video tips on everything from winter driving to what to do if your brakes fail to tips to get over driving anxiety. 


Have you visited our Channel yet? If not, you should. It's continuously being refreshed with new content. Enjoy!



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