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24 Hour Challenge Video Series


There are lots of winter driving tips out there and lists of what every Canadian should pack in his or her vehicle.

But here is the ultimate Canadian winter question: If you were stuck in your vehicle this winter, is your emergency kit going to work and will it really save you?

Young Drivers of Canada Instructor Rachel Hesson-Bolton was stuck in her vehicle on a cold winter’s night. This is the scenario we all hope we will never get into. When you’re freezing cold and it’s dark, that’s not the time you want to be reading instructions. The 24 Hour Challenge Video Series shows Rachel testing the items in her kit with mixed results. Great you have water in your kit, but it’s -16°C and your water is frozen. How should you pack your water? Should you leave the mitts out of your kit and just depend on hand warmers? We’ll cover that. What is the #1 tool Rachel found you must have in your emergency kit?

When the 24 hours is all said and done, Rachel gives us 15 episodes on the real goods of what should go in the emergency kit and why. And it will all fit in your vehicle. Promise.

Young Drivers of Canada talks about the importance of being prepared for winter driving. Now we put our emergency kit to the ultimate test and we want to share our results with you.

There are 15 episodes in the 24 HOUR CHALLENGE video series. Watch. Learn. Laugh. Prepare.

The full video series will launch December 1 in honour of Safe Driving Week here.

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