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YD e-Learning Ontario

An exciting road trip!

If you are a Young Drivers student from Ontario and are looking for our online e-Learning program, please be sure that you have your 10-digit e-Learning username and password ready and click the link below.  If you do not have your username, please contact the YD Office where you did your classroom training.

Current Program

If you started with Young Drivers AFTER Feb 18, 2011 -OR- if you have NEVER logged in to e-Learning,

CLICK on this link: http://elearnbox.yd.com/moodle

Legacy Program

If you started with Young Drivers before Feb 18, 2011 -AND- have already done some of the e-Learning segments,

CLICK on this link: http://elearnbox.yd.com/ilias3

Just Curious

If you just want more information about the YD e-Experience or would like to view the demo, CLICK HERE.

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