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For Family Physicians

Do you need feedback on a patient’s driving abilities in a low stress environment with low cost to the patient?

Collisionfree! is a brand of Young Drivers of Canada, North America’s largest and most respected driver training organization. Under the Collisionfree!we offer driver assessments, driver improvement programs and much more, in a confidential and stress free environment.

Patient Safety and Public Safety

Chronic medical diseases are thought to contribute to about one-third of all road collisions.
Physicians are required to report unfit drivers, but studies have
shown that actual reporting of affected patients falls far below the prevalence of chronic diseases in the population.

Why are physicians hesitant to discuss driving related medical conditions with their patients?

During early onset of a medical condition, the physician is often unsure of the direct effects the condition can have on the patient’s driving. In many cases, the physician is concerned with the patient’s mental health (e.g. depression, stress, etc.). It is also possible the Physician is concerned about the costs incurred by the patient, which can be in excess of $500 if they are referred directly to a Driver Rehabilitation Centre, prior to needing such a complex assessment.

Do you need feedback on a patient’s driving abilities in a low stress environment with low cost to the patient?

Collisionfree!™, a brand of Young Drivers of Canada, presents a full range of driving assessments and training for patients with early onset of cognitive or physical disabilities.

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CogniFit® is an online program that assesses the 12 driving related cognitive skills and ranks them. The best part is that the assessment provides a personalized training program to help clients improve their weaker driving related cognitive skills and maintain those that ranked highest. CogniFit® provides continuous feedback on clients progress and concludes with a second assessment.

Clinical Portion

This is recommended if the CogniFit® assessment is not used and/or the Physician has not completed a cognitive assessment.
• Snellen Chart
• Trail-Making Test B
• Clock Drawing Test

In-Vehicle Assessment

  • Clients may use their own vehicle to ensure they are comfortable with all controls and to ease the stress of driving in the instructor’s vehicle.
  • The driving assessment includes city driving and highway/freeway driving, client comfort permitting.
  • The instructor will assess the client’s driving habits, vehicle handling skills and general understanding of the rules of the road.
  • The instructor will also offer feedback based on previous cognitive results, such as short term memory tasks, divided attentions tasks, and so on.


Clients will be asked to sign a Disclosure Agreement for the Physician. Results will not be sent to the Ministry of Transportation.


One of 3 possible outcomes should be expected:
• A recommendation that the client displays adequate driving skills to continue driving at this time
• A recommendation for training lessons to improve skills
• A recommendation to proceed to a full MTO approved rehabilitation assessment with an occupational

Special Equipment

We have some instructional vehicles equipped with assistive devices such as hand controls, left foot gas pedal, cross-over signals and spinner knobs.
We can provide assessments using these devices with Occupational Therapists to help clients get ready
for government requested assessments and teach clients how to use these devices.

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