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Winter Driving Lessons

Young Drivers’ courses prepare drivers for winter weather.

Check out Young Drivers NEW Winter Driving Site for amazing winter driving tips and new online winter driving course.

Winter can mean snow, ice, cold temperatures, freezing rain, blizzard, fog and wind. If you need to drive under these adverse weather conditions, prepare yourself with winter driving skills and prepare your vehicle for the experience. Gift Certificates for Winter Driving courses are available.

Why learn to drive in the winter?
Enroll in a Young Drivers of Canada’s Winter Driving course and learn how to drive in various winter weather conditions. Learn how to master the worst weather conditions with a YD Instructor at your side.

Young Drivers of Canada is the only national driver training program that offers:
Collisionfree! Approach (defensive driver training)
• YD branded in-car training in emergency maneuvers to avoid rear crashes
• In-car training in head-on collision avoidance
• Winter driving
• Driving at night
• Risk perception
• Freeway and highway driving
• Parallel parking and stall parking in parking lot
• Exclusive CogniFit computer based training program that trains your brain to help improve memory,    attention, and reaction time
• Basic car maintenance
• The responsibility of driving

Prepare for the road ahead.

Are you a YD Grad who learned to drive in good weather?

Young Drivers of Canada offers winter driving programs for YD Grads. Learn how to apply the YD Habits and Sub-habits in winter conditions. Contact your local YD Centre for dates and times. Click here to find a winter driver training course close to you.

Are you an experienced driver who would like to brush up on winter driving techniques?
Driving in winter presents unique challenges. If you are concerned about driving in snow or slush, contact us for a Winter Driving course and prepare yourself for the road ahead. Click here to find a winter driver training course close to you.

For winter driving tips, PLEASE CLICK HERE

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