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Young Divers of Canada eLearning Program

NEW! YD BC eLearning is HERE!

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NEW for 2014!

Our exclusive YD BC eLearning program allows you the flexibility of learning at home. This recent upgrade makes the YD GLP Course the most up-to-date and effective defensive driving program available locally. Call us at (250) 920-9977 for details.

Why the Change?

ICBC has recently changed their regulations allowing Driving Schools to offer 4 hours of eLearning as part of the ICBC Approved GLP Course. Young Drivers is committed to providing cutting edge methods of learning and we know that online learning is the way of the future.

When can I start?

The YD BC eLearning GLP Course launches for Spring Break Courses, 2014. All YD GLP courses from March 15 onwards will include this exciting new feature.


  • 6 dynamic classroom sessions (16 Hours Total)
  • 4 Hours of self-paced eLearning is flexible and convenient
  • 12 Hours of private driving lessons
  • Includes CogniFit Brain Fitness program (optional)
  • High School Students are exempt from Tax
  • Earn 2 Credits towards your High School Graduation
  • Earn a 6 month reduction off the N stage of your Licence

YD has been chosen as Canada’s favourite driving school by over one million new drivers across Canada. We look forward to putting YOU safely on the road.

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